Suárez reveals the instrahistory of the penalty taken at San Siro

Mario Hermoso was fundamental in Luis Suárez’s penalty shoot-out in Milan. The Uruguayan confessed it in an interview with TVE. “He told me to be careful because the Milan players were trampling the penalty spot to get a bit of an advantage, and I hadn’t realized it and well They are details of colleagues who had left that the technician had removed“. Hermoso was one of the footballers, by the way, who were no longer on the green, who had already been changed by Simeone in the confrontation with the Italian team. Something that Suárez highlighted:

“It is because they are involved (in the game). But this template is like that and you realize how good they wish the group and those details of the players who are there who are colder than us who are in the warmest blood living the game. “When the forward looked at” João was already on top “, João” had realized it too. “They are details that help a lot“, qualified the forward. In addition to remembering what hurt the most about his departure from Barcelona, the team of which he is a legend and whom he will face this Saturday (9:00 pm) spoke of his responsibility on the field. Simeone said it in an interview he offered last summer in AS, that Lucho is one of those footballers who “with 50 years will score two goals and his team will win.”

“I assume the responsibility that falls to me, you can have a bad day or a good day but the commitment I have, the ambition not to get bored of winning, not to get bored of wanting to compete no matter what age I am and sometimes it can give you the physical and other times not. But one has other things that he has always carried and that is the conviction of going to the end for everything, “the Uruguayan described to TVE.

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Since I was a child I have been like this, nobody ever gave me anything and to this day I value thatNot lowering my arms is something that I emphasize to myself and I try not to get down. The other day I had two situations before the goal and after all the run run that there is, of everything that was talked about, anyone would have gotten down and well I raise my head again knowing that there could be another possibility and well that reflects the contagion that the companions see behindIf they see you down, if they see you crestfallen that makes the group go lower and you have to try to keep your spirits up to try to infect the team, “he concluded.

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