Suárez rescinds with Gremio and points to a reunion with Messi

Luis Suárez agreed last night to terminate the contract with the Brazilian Porto Alegre Guild, thus having a free track to fulfill his goal in the transfer market and set course from that moment on for Inter Miami, the franchise of the MLS where he would meet up with former Barcelona teammates like Messi, Jordi Alba or Sergio Busquets.

The American team would have offered the Uruguayan player a two-year contract, which was initially rejected by the veteran South American striker, whose wish was to be part of the new project of the American team, and more after the arrival of those players with those who shared a dressing room at Barcelona, ​​hence the alternative of the MLS be more than interesting right now for a footballer who has already experienced the best days of his career and who is already in the final stretch of a successful sports career.

With everything to the top

Despite experiencing a somewhat irregular season, the arrival of the Uruguayan striker represents a new leap in quality for Inter Miami, which now has one of the best squads in MLS at the moment, closing with the arrival of Luis Suarez the signing of what was at the time one of the best center forwards in the world, and who would now help the American team to rescue sportingly to try to achieve the maximum possible goals, all with the Copa Libertadores on the horizon after the permission for teams to of the MLS can be part of the competition from next year.

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