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Study shows sustainability of the cement industry

Estudio muestra sostenibilidad de la industria cementera

Sustainability is a commitment and a commitment to the permanence of industries, their contributions to the society in which they carry out their activities, profitability for their partners, and job creation, said Circe Almánzar, AIRD executive vice president, in the presentation of diagnostic study “Sustainability of the Cement Industry in the Dominican Republic”.

Almánzar assured that focusing on sustainability is a response to the market and society and makes companies viable in the medium and long term.

The diagnostic report presents elements such as the industry governance, the quality standards applied, the strategic value that companies give to employment, social investment practices, care for the environment and compliance with environmental regulations.

The presentation of the diagnosis was organized by the Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic (AIRD) within the framework of the “Industrial Actions that Transform” activity. Félix González, president of Adocem, and Julissa Báez, executive director of the institution also spoke.

The research was presented by the consulting firm Fhabrisia de Jesús, who highlighted the value of the sustainability of the cement industry for the Dominican economy.


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