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Students ‘take over the school’ and charge teachers for a booth… for a good cause

Students took over the school and set up a toll booth.  (Special)

Seniors at Albion High School in upstate New York blocked off all the entrances before their teachers could get to school Monday morning as part of a class prank, which is tradition. .but that, even when Iop expected, he did not believe it was at that level.

“I was like, ‘Okay, here we go,'” said Jennifer Ashbery, the school’s principal.

The youths blocked the entrances and charged a minimal fee of US$5 (about 85 Mexican pesos) from the teachers. They also collected some IOUs.

“Some overcame that, some gave that they got what they could,” said Nicholas Andrews, the class president.

Although one would think it’s to pay for their caps and gowns or some big graduation party, the reality was a fundraiser to support a child called Maddox Pearl.

“Maddox is an elementary school student who is battling a brain tumor and is in the hospital fighting so we thought if we raised more money for him it would help his fight,” Andrews said.

Their fight is well known in this community, you will see “Team Maddox” on social networks or as a sticker on cars. So it was no surprise that this fundraiser grew beyond the walls. from Albion High School.

“We had an older guy give us $20 (about 340 Mexican pesos) just to drive around the front circle of our school. It gives us goosebumps, we’re amazed how a small community can come together and support someone like that.”

These seniors they wanted to make their mark after losing much of their high school experience during the pandemic and show that taking care of your community is the “Way of the Eagle”.

“I am glad that we are not the covid-19 generation. We are the class that brought change to the community and I think we will be remembered for this, it’s good,” Andrews said.


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