Student arrested after stabbing four classmates at a school in Poland

In a dramatic event that shocked at least the educational community Four students were injured in one multiple stabbings perpetrated by an 18-year-old classmate in one Kadzidlo SchoolNorth-east of Poland. The attacker that was University student From the center I entered a classroom around midday wore a balaclava and carried a knife, which caused panic among a group of 20 students. According to the police The person hit several students and stabbed three of them in the stomach and neck.

After the violent attack The attacker fled through the classroom windowwhich sparked an intense chase in which they took part Track down sniffer dogs. At last it was time arrested by authorities during a police raid. One of the injuredwas in serious condition flown to the hospital by helicopterwhile The other two had wounds on their stomachs and necks.. Except for one person with minor injuries, all those affected received medical care.

The police were informed about the incident and subsequently launched an operation to locate the attacker. Surprisingly, He was found attempting to take his own life at an area sports stadium.. Authorities did not provide any information about the motive for the attack.. Local firefighters and a psychologist provided support to students who witnessed the violent incident. The community is eagerly awaiting more details about this tragic event that shocked everyone.

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