It is Denis Zakaria one of the great stars of German football today, the midfielder of the Borussia Mönchengladbach has attracted the attention of several stakeholders, including the Betis and Sevilla. A source from Germany missed the opportunity, taking into account that it will be untenable to be able to permeate the continuity of the player due to its progressive explosion.

Heads of the two Seville clubs had tempted the enormous chance, but it is very evident that the issue has some nuances. For example, the value, which although it is not high, its clause and performance make it grow. The document states that for 30 kilos anyone takes it, but the club that owns its rights will only approve the pressure when they go up to 40.

Going into the matter, José Mourunho’s Roma is the club that has been welcomed so much in that sense. Hand in hand with the Portuguese coach they have been solving problems, but they understand that in the midfield there is never an excess of manpower. Denis Zakaria has done an exceptional job, and with Switzerland he is climbing positions until he is an immovable starter.

Taking into account the price for the Romans there are two possibilities, either to give in to the claims raised by the top bosses of the selling club, or to get rid of the opportunity, something that does not fit in the strategist’s lexicon. Although he has found cohesion in his interpretations, it is clear that the dynamics, speed and energy that the Helvetian prints would be an important contribution.

In that sense, the door opens for other fields such as the sale of some items. The main one, Lorenzo Pellegrini, who has put together an enormous performance in the last time in the team that has led him to the national team. However, he does not believe he is valued as he expects, and the call of some English giants fully tempts him.


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