Strike in Germany: Ground and air operations suspended

Berlin: The airport and railway labor unions have announced a wheel jam strike today to address the rising inflation in Germany.

Germany’s largest labor unions, Werdi and EVG Juke, have announced a joint strike today, with the Airport, Train and Tram and Bus Union not raising wages due to rising inflation.

The strike by labor unions will also completely paralyze air operations in all major German airports such as Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, etc. In addition, transport train and tram operations will be completely suspended, daily life will be badly affected.

Airport workers protest at BER airport during a strike called by German trade union Verdi, in Berlin

Due to the strike, flight operations in Germany will be suspended from 5 am and passengers going abroad will continue to face difficulties.

It should be noted that the high level of inflation remains in Germany, in February of this year compared to February last year, the prices of energy delivered to homes increased by 32.2% and the prices of food items by 21.8%.

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