Streaming increases in advertising plans in the EMEA territory

Nielsen, the world leader in audience measurement, data and analytics, today released its Annual Marketing Report 2023 in which he reveals that the 80% of marketers from the region of Europe, Half East and Africa (EMEA for its acronym in English) already include the channels of streaming in your media plans. Despite the magnitude of this figure, when it comes to OTT-TV and Connected-TV only the 54% of respondents rate investing in these platforms as “extremely effective” or “very effective”.

In this fifth edition of the report, some 2,000 marketing professionals from around the world were surveyed during the month of December 2022. Among the most relevant conclusions of the report, it stands out that the 67% of respondents acknowledge the importance of measuring across all channels and comparing them to find out on which devices and channels users interact with advertising content.

The report also revealed that, on average in the region’s key markets, internet and television account for 69% of advertising spend. However, the report revealed the existence of important differences between some of the key markets:

  • In United Kingdom he 38% of advertising spending went to television and 37% to Internet.
  • On the contrary, the traditional television was the medium with the most advertising investment in Italy (73%), France (54%) and Germany (47%). These three countries, by contrast, spent much less than the UK on the internet, with investment rates of 8%, 16% and 16%, respectively.

The 2023 Annual Marketing Report asked industry professionals about the potential impact of the current recessionary economic environment, forecast media spending, the media ecosystem (including the streaming), the challenges of measurement cross media and measurement technology. Some of the main conclusions are:

  1. Economic difficulties aside, marketers expect their advertising budgets to increase: Over two-thirds of EMEA marketers (62%) expect their annual budgets to increase this year, despite 68% saying economic conditions have had a significant impact on planning for 2023. Of those 62 %, 13% expect budget increases of 50% or more.
  2. Using multiple measurement tools makes it difficult to rely on a single view of audience performance: On average, 68% of marketers in the EMEA region use multiple measurement solutions for cross-results, and 16% use between four and five.
  3. Confidence in ROI measurement is low across all digital channels: On average in EMEA, marketers’ confidence in measuring ROI on digital channels is only 57%, leaving them without the necessary insight into their return on investment.
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Katya Edelshtein, Nielsen Commercial Manager for EMEAcommented: «The public’s relationship with television continues to evolve and this shapes what is today an increasingly complex media ecosystem. The proliferation of channels makes the sector increasingly fragmented, which continues to influence consumer behavior. This landscape poses enormous challenges for marketers, who must put the audience first. Our report clearly shows the problems industry professionals face when trying to reach audiences where they are. For marketers across the EMEA region, it’s clear that marketing channels streaming play an increasingly important role in advertising strategy, but this is hampered by the lack of true cross-media measurement and low confidence when evaluating the performance of these investments. To advance in this direction, transformative thinking will be necessary together with the use of the highest quality inputs and data”.

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