Streamer breaks his back jumping in foam live at TwitchCon

A Twitch streamer broke her back in two places after jumping into a foam pit live at TwitchCon on Saturday.

In a video painful to watch, streamer and adult artist Adriana Chechik happily jumps into the moat, but then he starts writhing in pain almost immediately after the fall.

Chechik told her social media followers that she will undergo surgery and will have a rod inserted into her back to support her.


“Well, I broke my back in two places and I’m having surgery for a support rod today. Send me your support. When it rains, it rains and I’m definitely feeling the rain now.”Chechik tweeted.

The foam pit did not belong to Twitch but was part of a Lenovo boothwhich was promoting its Legion series of gaming computers.

At the “Legion by Lenovo” stand, one on one “gladiator tournaments”in which participants climbed onto a plank and attempted to knock their opponent down with a purple “weapon”.

The pit was filled with foam blocks, but they were not evenly spaced in the pit as some areas had a depth of up to 60 centimeters, or just over half a meter. Under the blocks, a carpet covered the complex’s concrete floor.


On Twitter, Chechik critical to Lenovo for telling people they could jump in the pit, although there does not seem to be a consensus on this. Other TwitchCon attendees claimed that Lenovo specifically told them not to jump into the pit. In addition, the Washington Post claims that Lenovo had participants sign waivers acknowledging the possibility of physical or property damage.

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Today, Monday, Chechik tweeted a brief update on your status. It’s unclear whether she’s had the surgery or who will end up paying her medical expenses. “Last night was horrible, the pain I had made me feel like I’d rather die. This is going to be horrible.”he wrote.

Furthermore, Chechik is right that she wasn’t the only wound in Lenovo’s foam pit. The other streamer who appeared with her in the video, EdyBot, said on twitter that, though he fell very lightly into the foam pit, he still “I felt a bump in my back and was in pain for the rest of the night.”

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