Stray dogs mauled the young child to death

New Delhi: The heartbreaking incident that took place in the Indian state of Hyderabad has made every person with a heart cry tears of blood.

According to the details, a four-year-old child lost his life in the attack of stray dogs in the city of Bagh Anbarpet in the Indian state of Hyderabad. The video of the heartbreaking incident was saved in the CCTV cameras.

It can be seen in the video that the young child was walking on the road in his car when suddenly a pack of stray dogs attacked him from all sides.

Stray dogs threw the child on the ground and started scratching his fragile body, the child once dared to try to get out of their grip, but the dogs caught him and threw him on the ground again.

As the young child fell to the ground, more stray dogs pounced on him and badly scratched various parts of his body.

In the heart-wrenching video, it can be seen that the dogs chased the child to a distance, during which the child was seriously injured and after a while his body became still.

The young boy who was chased by dogs into the valley of death was identified as Pradeep. The boy’s father Gangadhar told the media that he had taken his son to the service center when he went out while playing and the stray dogs attacked him. He was caught and killed.

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