Stranger Things season 4: why is the series lagging behind?

Delayed by the health crisis, season 4 of “Stranger Things” was long overdue. But producer and director Shawn Levy says fans’ patience will pay off.

Never fans of Strange things You won’t have waited that long before discovering the rest of the series. Aired in July 2016, the first season was followed by the second in October 2017. While the third chapter was uploaded in July 2019 on Netflix. Although we are already in the middle of the year 2021, the production of season 4 has barely entered the final stretch.

If the health crisis played a major role in delaying the filming, which began in early 2020 before being interrupted for several months due to the coronavirus epidemic, Shawn Levy specifies however that the waiting period is also explained by the will of the showrunners. brothers Matt and Ross Duffer – to sign with this season 4 the most ambitious chapter of the saga.

“As painful as it is for viewers to wait so long, I can assure you that it hurts Matt, Ross and me even more. We have been caught in a flood of containment events and then filming slowed down due to sanitary measures and protocols to be implemented, which are necessary. And this happens during season 4 that we have chosen to be, by far, far, the most ambitious of all ”, reveals Shawn Levy to the American site. Collider.

The diversity of filming locations was also a parameter to take into account. And that doesn’t help speed up the process. “You know we filmed in Hawkins, we have scenes in Russia and there is another part of the season elsewhere, which will be revealed soon,” continues the producer.

According to Shawn Levy, the desire of the Duffer brothers to supervise everything, both the filming and the final editing, is the last element that explains the delay registered by season 4. All this in order to offer the best possible version to the viewers from the time of its broadcast on Netflix. The fans have been warned.

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