Strange incident occurred with AR Rahman at a Disney party, musician recalls

The great musician AR Rahman has created a different identity not only in India but in the whole world thanks to the strength of his voice and talent. His voice goes straight to the heart through the ears. Today AR Rahman is winning hearts all over the world based on this voice. However, this journey of success did not come easy for AR Rahman. AR Rahman recalled one incident, saying that when he was taking a selfie at a party, everyone’s eyes were on him because he was the only Indian in the entire gathering.

On a YouTube show, AR Rahman said that after winning the Oscar in Slumdog Millionaire, paths opened up for me in Hollywood. People began to know me even though I didn’t know them. Rahman further said that after winning the Oscar, he became a member of the Academy, for which he began to receive invitations to many Hollywood parties. Previously, Rahman did not have time to attend parties. This time he was in Los Angeles so he decided to see everything he hadn’t seen before. However, when Rahman went to the party, he was back in 10:15 due to loud noise, drunk people, and cramped space.

Rahman recounted another incident. In 2013, he went to a Disney party for the movie Frozen. That same year Walt was celebrating Disney’s 90th anniversary. That is why he installed his idol there. When I was taking a selfie near the idol, all the people’s eyes were on me. Because I was the only Indian there.

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We tell you that Rahman started his career giving music in the 1991 film Roja. The music of this film was highly appreciated. Rahman won the Oscar for Best Original Score and Best Original Song for the music for the 2009 film Slumdog Millionaire. Rahman has also been honored with Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan. Very few people know that Rahman’s real name is Dilip Kumar.

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