Strange behavior of drunk passenger during flight

A drunken passenger was arrested for trying to open the emergency gate of an in-flight plane in India.

According to Indian media, a 40-year-old passenger named Prateek was arrested for allegedly trying to open the emergency door flap of an Indigo flight between Delhi and Bengaluru. The airline claimed that the passenger was drunk.

According to the company’s press release, the incident occurred on Friday at 7:56 am on flight number 6E 308.

Before take-off, the crew explains the rules for safe travel, including clear instructions on how to use the emergency exit.

The airline says that a passenger traveling in flight 6E 308 from Delhi to Bengaluru tried to open the emergency exit flap while intoxicated. Was warned.

After the flight landed in Bengaluru, the inebriated passenger was handed over to the CISF authorities, and further investigation was initiated which led to an FIR being lodged against the passenger at the airport police station.

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