Stolen Ethereum from Deribit Hack Moved to Tornado Cash Mixer

Recently, the cryptocurrency exchange Deribit was successfully hacked; one of their hot-wallets could be compressed as a result. In the wake of this, the stolen $28 million is now being sent to decentralized crypto mixer Tornado Cash.

In 17 transactions to Tornado Cash

A total of 1,610 Ethereum (ETH), or about $2.5 million, has now been sent to Tornado Cash in 17 separate transactions. This is evidenced by data coming from the Ethereum block explorer called Etherscan.

The money was reportedly moved just days after the hack took place, but is also only a small part of all stolen ETH. In total, the hacker still has 7,501 Ethereum (or approximately €11.8 million) on the crypto address. Initially, 9,080 ETH was sent to the address after the hack, so most of it is now left.

The blockchain analytics platform PeckShield also reported the first transaction on November 5. However, the first transaction contained ‘only’ $350,000 worth of tokens.

The recent hack

On November 2, the platform was successfully attacked, in which a total of approximately €28 million could be stolen in various cryptocurrencies. This was possible because a hot-wallet of the exchange was successfully attacked and was taken over by the hacker.

To ensure security, all recordings on the platform were temporarily stopped. All losses are covered by the platform which in itself is a good sign. To better ensure security, all of the company’s hot wallets have migrated to the digital asset security platform called Fireblocks.

Finally, Deribit stressed that users should not send funds to their previous BTC, ETH and USDC addresses, but should instead use their new Fireblocks deposit addresses.

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