Stolen diary of Joe Biden’s daughter sold for $40,000

Washington: The American court sentenced two people for stealing the diary of President Joe Biden’s daughter.

According to foreign media reports, the two suspects were accused of having attacked the US presidential candidate of the Democrats two years ago. Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden His diary and other personal items were stolen from Florida.

After committing heinous acts, the accused took him outside the state limits and sold him.

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Amy Harris and Robert Kirlander, accused in New York federal court, were convicted of stealing Ashley Biden’s diary and other personal items in 2020 and selling them outside the state borders.

Amy Harris and Robert Kirlander have been sentenced to five years each for conspiracy.

It should be noted that the accused had sold Ashley Biden’s diary and other personal items to “Project Veritas” for a fee of 40 thousand dollars.

The organization did not publish Ashley Biden’s personal diary, but another conservative website called the National File later published the text of the diary.

According to the Department of Justice, Joe Biden’s 41-year-old daughter Ashley Biden left her personal belongings at a friend’s house in Florida.

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