Stokes did a historic feat in Test Cricket, equaled Gilchrist in this matter

The third game of the Test series between England and New Zealand is played in Leeds. Captain Ben Stokes made an all-time record in this match. He has matched Adam Gilchrist. Stokes has risen to second place to Gilchrist in terms of hitting most sixes in test matches. He made this record by hitting a six in the first innings of the Leeds Test. He is running fit and performing well. However, he was only able to score 18 runs in the first innings.

At the Leeds test, New Zealand scored 329 runs in the first innings. In response, England scored 360 runs from the first innings to the finish. During this, Stokes faced 13 balls and scored 18 runs with the help of two sixes and a four. Stokes made a great record in Test cricket in his name. He has reached second place in terms of hitting the most sixes. In this case, Brayden McCallum is in first place.

Stokes has hit 100 sixes in 151 innings of 82 test games played so far. During this he has scored 5255 runs. While former Australian player Gilchrist has hit 100 sixes in 137 innings of 96 games. He has scored 5570 runs. In this case, McCallum is in first place. He has hit 107 sixes in 101 games. This is the world record for sixes in Test cricket. Stokes is now just steps away from breaking this record.

  • Brendon McCullum – 101 tests, 107 sixes
  • Adam Gilchrist – 96 tests, 100 sixes
  • Ben Stokes – 82 tests, 100 sixes

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