(AOF) – Atari

Atari announced a strategic investment of $ 3.5 million in arcade video game company Antstream Limited as well as an option to purchase the assets of Mobygames, Limited, including the Mobygames website and database. The investment in Antstream Limited was made pursuant to a convertible loan agreement which can be converted into shares of Antstream Limited upon future financing, with an initial investment of $ 500,000.


The catering specialist will publish (before market) its annual results.

Eurobio Scientific

Eurobio Scientific has announced that it has taken a minority stake in the start-up Usense, a French company based in Paris-Saclay, specializing in medical diagnostic assistance based on urinary analysis. Thanks to a proprietary assembly of miniaturized technologies and artificial intelligence, the connected in vitro medical device from Usense makes it possible to perform a urine analysis, the results of which are obtained in a few seconds. The company plans to start marketing in 2022.


The poultry house will publish its results for the first half of the year.


In order to consolidate its financial position during the search phase for a strategic investor, Roctool announced the issue (with preferential subscription rights) of bonds redeemable in new shares or in cash (ORNAN 2021) of 1.29 million d ‘euros, of which 1.04 million euros (80%) guaranteed by 6 current shareholders including management. The shareholders of the specialist in heating and cooling mold technologies for plastics and composites will receive 1 DPS for each share held.


SES-imagotag has announced that it has been chosen by Free for the digitalization of its stores throughout France. After a first wave of 150 stores, the deployment of the Vusion solution will continue in 2022 within the Free network. These installations will be carried out in complete autonomy for Free via a “plug & play” solution designed by SES-imagotag, while benefiting from the remote support of the group’s customer service teams.


Vicat announced that it had signed a financing agreement for an amount of 250 million euros on November 15, 2021, in the form of a Private Placement with first-rate American investors (USPP). This financing agreement is made up of two tranches: the first, for an amount of 100 million euros, with a maturity of 10 years, at a fixed rate of 1.27%; and the second, for an amount of 150 million euros, with a maturity of 15 years, at a fixed rate of 1.57%.


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