Sterling drops the bomb: “I’m open to go”

Raheem Sterling has dropped the bomb: he’s open to leaving Manchester City. In an interview at the Business of Sport US Summit, the attacker has recognized his situation and does not avoid responding: he does not rule out leaving. “If there was an opportunity to go elsewhere, I would be open to it right now“He explains. In addition, he points out that if he left he would prefer to go to a club in France or Spain:” He should learn a language. I quite like the French and Spanish accents. “

The footballer counts for Pep Guardiola, but from a substitute role, with few titles behind him. Similarly, this season he has only added four games from the starting eleven and has only scored one goal. The technician places him an end in a band, in the opposite, as a tip, behind the striker … He’s their wild card man, but Sterling wants to step up and become a franchise player at another club.. With England he proved to be ready to take on gallons: his Eurocup was brilliant.

He ends a contract in 2023 and City is aware that it pays to sell it immediately before facing a zero-cost departure. In recent years, Sterling has sounded for Real Madrid or Barcelona. In fact, it is one of the names that sounds the most to get to Barcelona at low cost. He, who has developed his sports career between Manchester and Liverpool, is willing to cross borders.

As an English player, all I know is the Premier League. I always knew that maybe one day, I would love to play abroad and see how I would meet that challenge.“He explains. In other words, his future seems to be far from the British borders. A new challenge. At 26, he is still growing and at the right age to become a star elsewhere. Now, he has exposed it publicly: he is ready for anything.

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