Stephen Curry wins ‘All Star’ MVP with victory for LeBron James’ team

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry was the star of the NBA’s ‘All Star Game’ after scoring 50 points and breaking the record for triples (16) in the ‘Star Game’, which ended in victory for the NBA team. LeBron James (163-160) over ‘Team Durant’, thanks to a last winning basket by the Lakers player.

The basketball party in Cleveland was a perfect evening for LeBron James’ team, which won the ‘All Star” for the fifth consecutive year. And the night will be remembered for the display of Curry, who had 50 points (he was 2 short of breaking Anthony Davis’ record), 5 rebounds and 2 assists, to complete a dream game for Akron.

The match started as expected, with weak defenses in favor of the show and high scores, thus exceeding 320 total points. Curry shone in the triple and with distant shots, LeBron James left details with some dunks, a sign of his identity, and Embiid was the dominator of the paint together with Antetokounmpo. The one from the Philadelphia 76ers shone with a ‘double-double’ (36 points and 10 rebounds), as did the Bucks center, who scored 30 points and collected 12 rebounds.

After a first quarter with the absolute leading role of James’ team (47-45), Durant’s team, supported by a great Embiid and Booker -the latter from the bench-, grew to win the second quarter (46-49). The third quarter ended in a draw (45-45), thanks to a basket by Luka Doncic, who played for ‘Team LeBron’ and had 8 points and 3 assists in almost 25 minutes on the court.

With the favorable score for ‘Team Durant’ (138-139) and with the new All-Star rules, which state that the winner of the game would be the first to reach 163 points, the defenses of both teams were fine-tuned and the party took on a more serious tone. Curry continued to be plugged in from the triple, while Embiid and Booker continued to do their thing with some spectacular dunks.

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But the superiority of LeBron and Antetokounmpo allowed them to come close to victory by reaching 161 points, but the game regained suspense thanks to LaVine’s five points in a row. Thus, the final triumph came with the winning basket by LeBron James, which culminated a meeting for history with Stephen Curry as the main protagonist.

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