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Stephen Curry, the great triple king

Stephen Curry, the great triple king

Wardell Stephen Curry II he was already the best shooter in history before this game at Madison Square Garden, in the mecca of basketball, in Manhattan. He was already the father of the revolution that has transformed the NBA (and more, its entire sport: basketball) in the last decade. But From now on, he is also the player who has scored the most triples in NBA history.. As if scripted, Curry waited for Madison, to Mecca. To one of the largest media sounding boards in the world of sport. And there, in the year 75 of the League, in the heart of Manhattan and against the old Knicks, he became the player with the most triples scored after surpassing the 2,973 of Ray Allen, whose reign has lasted a decade: he advanced in February of 2011, no less than a Celtics-lakers, Reggie Miller.

He arrived with only one less (2,972) to the track where Steph became Steph: It was on February 27, 2013, when it was not yet the supernova that came thereafter and was best known for his talent diluted between permanent ankle injuries. At Madison Curry he scored 54 points and 11 triples with 11/13. He was 24 years and 350 days old. From there to this December 14, 2021, with 33 years and 275 days. Between the two games there have been very few ankle problems and many triples. Until getting ahead of everyone, the first ever. And there have been, of course, a bite into basketball history: three rings, two MVPs (including the first ever unanimous), seven All Stars, two NBA Top Scorer titles …

Stephen Curry, son of Dell Curry, another renowned shooter, went out to Madison in a hurry Y In less than five minutes he had made the two triples he needed. The record was already there. First he hit a frontal shot after feinting and then, after a miss, he scored after receiving an assist from Andrew Wiggins, releasing the ball very quickly, as if it were burning. From behind, as that launch flew, his triple 2.974, was already Ray Allen, who crossed the track to hug him. And Reggie Miller, who was part of the television contingent of TNT and he recorded them with his mobile. The three together, a legendary podium gathered at Madison, the mother of all stages. Pure mystique, pure NBA.

The numbers are overwhelming: Ray Allen scored his 2,973 3-pointers in 1,300 games and more than 46,000 minutes on the court. In no season for nearly two decades, did he miss more than 40 games. He averaged 2.3 scored and 5.7 pitches per night with a 40% accuracy. And his cap in one season was 269. Miller, the assassin whom that same Madison hated so much, he scored 2,560 in 1,304 games. Average of 1.8 / 4.7 and 39.5% correct. Behind them two, James Harden (2,509 in 903 games) and Kyle Korver (2,450 in 1,326). Curry has reached the record 789 games, 511 fewer than Allen. In his alien averages of the last five years (4.4 per night) he could reach 1,300 Allen games with more than 5,200 triples. In his entire career, Curry scores 3.8 of the 8.7 he shoots in each game. His average is above 43%, he has only stayed below 40 in the five games he played in 2019-20 and is on its way to its fourth season above triples per night. It is now at 5.4, just ahead of his particular record (5.3, last season). He is also the only one (402) to have scored more than 400 triples in a regular season.

Curry, because these official records take only the regular phase data, He also has the absolute record if playoffs are added, where he has scored 470 triples. He only has one left last level, a final round: all 14 in a match by his teammate Klay Thompson, surely the second best shooter ever. Curry has gone 13 times, 12 times, and 11 times ten times. When he scored those 11 at Madison, in fact, the record was at 12 (Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall). That one, the 14, will also fall, surely, defeated by an impossible player, who does things that go beyond what nobody had even imagined before him. Wardell Stephen Curry II. The player with the most triples in history, the best shooter ever.

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