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Stefan Bajcetic thrilling goal for Atlético 2024

It’s no secret that Simeone wanted a midfielder in the transfer market, but the sports management is already working on the next market

Simeone’s anger is understandable. Hojbjerg was the Red and Whites’ big target for the summer market, but the sports management could not agree on a commitment with Tottenham. Now Atlético de Madrid is exploring the surroundings of the young Stefan Bajceticwho was just coming out of his early days at Liverpool but an injury slowed his progress.

Although no midfielder has arrived at the Rojiblanco club this summer, strengthening the ‘5’ position remains a priority for the Argentine coach. So much so that Simeone has asked Atlético de Madrid to closely monitor the aforementioned Bajcetic’s situation that he does not enjoy the prominence expected by Klopp after an injury.

Simeone wants a fiver at Atlético
Stefan Bajtecic doesn’t have a minute left at Liverpool

Bajcetic is Atlético’s bet

On this occasion, The footballer that Atlético de Madrid is pursuing is Stefan Bajcetic. The Spanish player became a very important part of the red team last season, taking advantage of the England midfield’s multiple absences and injuries. However, this year his situation has changed.

He was expected to be a regular fixture in midfield, but so far he has not had any playing time with Liverpool. And the new additions to the team, Mac Allister, Gravenberch, Endo and Szoboszlai, were selected by the German coach in these first days of the league. Therefore Stefan Bajcetic could end up changing the scene.

Bajcetic without minutes with Klopp after injury

Due to his current situation at Liverpool, the Spanish youth international could be sent out on loan in the winter market. And the England team knows that at 18 years old Stefan Bajcetic has to play in order to continue to grow as a player. Therefore, his arrival at Atlético de Madrid cannot be ruled out.

Of course, the red and white club would be much more interested in his arrival via a transfer as they know they could convince him by offering him the minutes he doesn’t have at Liverpool. Be it as it may, Simeone wants a 5 at Atlético de Madrid and the sports management is ready to offer the coach this type of play. Even more so when you consider how well the team started the championship.

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