Stealing is forbidden in Naranjito! They pull out three rats; They force her to run through the streets

Stealing is forbidden in Naranjito“. That was the legend they wore on a piece of cardboard around their necks three compartments The they ran naked through the streets of Cantón Naranjito, Guayas Province, in Ecuador.

By the social networks The video was shared of the three criminals who were said to have been arrested steal. The people of Guayas decided to teach these other people’s lovers a lesson, so they took justice into their own hands.

According to local media, the three criminals were “caught” in flagrante delicto. There was already a history of their misdeeds and they were in control of the city. Given this, as they emphasized, there was no other way out than to stop them. take off their clothestie her hands and force her to run around the track to show off.

The events occurred on the night of last Friday, February 23rd. At around 11:30 p.m. the news spread among the residents of the citadel Assad Bucaram.

“They already caught her!”

Immediately the residents of Guayas They gathered and agreed to let her walk naked through the streets. “Let them know!”. “You have to beat them.” However, this option did not seem to be the most suitable.

Last January, authorities reported that in the Guayas subzone (Zone 5) and the Guayaquil municipality (Zone 8) “there were 3,709 violent deaths last year, out of a total of 7,878 crimes reported.” Ecuador. That is, 47.08% of the murders took place in a single province,” published the local newspaper Primicias.

Authorities said Guayas, Los Ríos, Manabí, El Oro, Esmeraldas and Santo Domingo were among the main areas for terrorism-related crimes Drug traffickinginternational arms trafficking, “which has turned them into areas of bitter conflict, hotbeds of terror and violent crime,” the same newspaper says.

Although the three criminals were exposed in social networksWhat residents thought was a “shame or disgrace” for these thieves ended up having little effect.


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