Start Up, a curious 45-year-old music video from Apple

Apple started its presentation on the MacBook Pro in a different way, with a blend of classic Apple sound effects from the last 45 years of the company’s history.

The mix was created by the artist AG Cook (nothing to do with Tim Cook) using Apple’s Pro Display XDR, MacBook Pro and Logic Pro, of course.

The song is called “Start Up” and The video shows a wide variety of Apple hardware over the years, including the old iBooks and the missing iPod Hi-Fi.

The full list of sound effects leans towards the latest Apple hardware, of course, but there are some older devices as well.

The complete list of sound effects provided by Apple is as follows: iMac G3 Boot, MacBook Pro Boot, AirPods Case Close, iOS Alert, HomePod Minimum Volume, iPod Click Wheel, Notes Alert, Email Whoosh, MagSafe Charger, Night Owl Ringtone, HomePod Nope, HomePod PingPong, Mac 2020 Alert, Empty Trash, Message Sent, Message Received, HomePod Device ID, iPhone Keyboard, Airdrop Invitation, Mac Sosumi and Apple Pay.

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