Stars under pressure

The day before the referendum of Espai Barça, the old Camp Nou will sit at look with a magnifying glass to a team that, before facing Elche (6:30 p.m.), does not know yet if it is decadent, new, or quite the opposite (follow the game live on These days Barça is not only asphyxiated by the economy. Also his sports situation, in which expectations fall at a rate of stock market crisis. Descended to the Europa League, and with the League title abandoned, the objective minimum, the Champions classification, is five points away and the outlook is not too bright for more than Xavi herald the birth of an era after the Munich game.

The arrival of Francisco he has cleared up a little the panorama of Elche, that despite the defeat at Mestalla has saved his two Cup commitments and, above all, won a match against Cádiz that allowed him to get out of the relegation zone. Francisco’s trajectory says that it is a collateral trainer, who bets on the order and above has both Lucas, Pérez and Boyé, to make noise; besides Fidel to create and Morente to appear.

But let’s go back to the Camp Nou, which is vigilant. A good trail of players is under suspicion, starting with the doorman, Ter Stegen, who has lost the magic that made him an idol. The two other players that they should be pulling the car, Frenkie de Jong Y Dembélé, they will also be audited by the fans, alert after the dangerous message of Xavi last weekend (“we lack packaging players”), which continued yesterday (“it is surprising that it is like this being at Barça, but there are players who it’s hard to understand the position game“). Surely the phrase is a truth as great as the Sagrada Familia, but in a costume can have boomerang effect. Xavi He is a legend and is credited with launching ordeals at players who have cost a lot and underperform. But he, like any coach, too you need to win games.

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