Stars and Bulls will wage the strongest dispute in the final part of the campaign

Estrellas y Toros librarán la más fuerte disputa en la parte final de la campaña

The time is reduced and at least for three teams the closing of the regular series will be “fright and jump.”

With Licey and Aguilas with their tickets already in their pockets for the Round Robin, the battle for the two remaining qualifying spots is now focused on Gigantes, Estrellas and Toros, with the former occupying the best position, after their advantage of four clashes in relation to to the Roman team.

But, the distance between the two teams from the Eastern region is much narrower, since the pachyderms only lead the Bulls in two matches and subtracting eight games from both everything seems to indicate that they will be the ones that will give the most flavor to the final part of the campaign.

The Stars with a record of 19-23, although they lost last Wednesday against the Giants, have a 7-3 record in the last 10 games and are together with Licey (7-3) the hottest team during that period.

This allowed him not only to assume fourth place but also to take a three-game advantage over his regional rival, which was reduced by two after the combination of a 3-0 bullfighting victory against the Chosen One with a failure for the greens against the northeastern.

After the penultimate free date of the regular season, the action continues this Friday with clashes in which the Bulls receive the Giants at Francisco Micheli starting at 7:35 pm, the Stars visit the Licey in Quisqueya at the same hour, while the Eagles will be hosts before the Chosen One at the same 7:35.

The match between Gigantes and Toros is super important, because a success for the bullfights would shorten the advantage of the former against the latter by three. The particular series favors the Giants 5-3.

While the Stars are also at a disadvantage in their particular series against the Tigers 5-2.

A great confrontation is expected in this final part of the regular series, mainly between the two teams from the eastern part of the country.




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