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Starpay offers the Alipay Pay by link solution in Spain

Starpay, company specialized in online money transfer services and partner in Spain of Alipay, China’s leading online payment platform, promotes the exploitation of the potential of the Chinese consumer through the innovation in digital payments. Specifically, thanks to the solution Pay by link, an initiative that Alipay has promoted during the pandemic to encourage consumption in online stores when the user cannot physically move to a store, Starpay offers Spanish companies a simple tool that facilitates payment to Alipay users anywhere in the world without having to be physically in the store.

Starpay has started offering the Pay by link solution for Alipay users in Spain after conducting various tests to facilitate the process of generation of the QR code to customers. This solution allows Spanish companies to explore the potential of international trade and connect with the Chinese consumer. facilitating payments and increasing conversion.

“The Chinese consumer, with a middle class of almost 500 million people, constitutes an important growth lever for Spanish companies. To take advantage of the consumption potential of this consumer, it is key that companies offer Alipay, the payment platform preferred by Chinese consumers. We are proud of our collaboration with Starpay, Alipay’s payment and marketing partner, for its commitment to innovation during Covid and the development of a solution that adapts to each type of business and facilitates payment to customers anywhere in the world. world. We also applaud Starpay’s cutting-edge vision to deliver global cross-border mobile payment solutions, such as Alipay +, and better serve consumers and businesses around the world. ”

Alba Ruiz, Senior Director Alipay for Spain and Portugal, declares:

Its operation is very simple, Pay by link It allows minimize physical contacts and allows store owners to send a catalog of products / services by instant messaging or email if the customer wants to make a purchase. The company that uses this tool can easily receive payment by simply accessing a panel that has been previously created by Starpay, and where it can allocate the desired amount and download a QR code. Then send a QR code to the customer by email or electronic messaging that redirects him to the Alipay app to accept, confirm the amount and make the payment.

In this way, Starpay provides customers of companies that serve Chinese customers, in origin and in Spain, the use of Alipay in each of the channels they use, whether online (online stores, Ecommerce or their own systems) or offline (physical stores).

For its part, Zigor Nuere, founder of Starpay and Tantum Global, notes: “The Asian consumer has great purchasing power and is passionate about consuming Western products, therefore, with our solutions adapted to the needs of each sector, we can offer a completely digital and cross-border shopping experience. “

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