Starlink Internet is now available in Portugal for € 99 / month

Starlink’s Internet access system is now available in Portugal, bringing Elon Musk Internet to Portuguese consumers from € 99 per month. However, there is a high cost to join and install this satellite service.

However, it is a new offer available in Portugal as Elon Musk’s company does everything possible to expand the reach of its system with more satellites in orbit and more countries and areas of the planet with guaranteed coverage.

Are you going to enjoy it? Elon Musk Internet access is available in Portugal

Having officially entered Portugal at the beginning of the year, “Internet by Elon Musk” continues to regularly launch new satellites that reinforce not only the coverage, but also the stability and speed of the Internet connection provided by Starlink.

For Portugal we now have good news. Accessing the official page of the service, we see that it is available in its entirety. The user can request it today after completing a simple registration with their data.

Internet Elon Musk Starlink
Home page of the Starlink service in Portugal.

This service provided by Starlink, a company that was born within SpaceX, has always had Portugal in mind. In fact, the website already allowed you to register in advance for the service. You are now accepting installation and activation requests.

Starlink Internet is available in Portugal

The attention that Starlink has paid to this Portuguese nation is, therefore, notorious where it wants to take and make its Internet available. Keep in mind that this service has the potential to cover the entire national territory with a fast and stable Internet connection.

Internet Starlink Portugal
Starlink advanced pricing for hardware, shipping, maintenance, and monthly fee.

However, for anyone interested in Elon Musk Internet, there is a steep setup price. More specifically, they are € 499.00 for the necessary hardware – antenna and its connections – as well as € 61 for the shipment and maintenance (installation) of the equipment.

To this is added the monthly subscription price – € 99 – for satellite Internet access.

It is important to note that Starlink alerts about the variation in the speed of the Internet connection. According to himself, the connection can vary between 50 Mb / s and 150 Mb / s.

Conditions of service will improve in Portugal

Speed ​​is expected to improve in the coming months as the system strengthens. However, there is also an alert for the existence of connectivity cuts during maintenance periods.

In summary, despite being currently available in Portugal, the service still has limitations in our country. Something that should be addressed in the near future, but which makes the service unappealing in its current state, especially for € 99 / month.

Starlink’s proposal is promising, being able to unite the entire national territory. However, it remains to wait for the improvement of the conditions of the service, a task that is in progress.

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