NFTs are coming to starbucks. The North American chain announced this week its plans to enter the webspace3 with the launching its own NFT collection later this yearwhere individual digital collections also provide their owners access to exclusive content experiences and other benefits, according to the company.

The details of this launch are not yet known, it is only known that the objective is to launch a fidelazation program powered by digital assets.

Imagine purchasing a new Starbucks digital collectible, and that product also serves as a password to access a global Starbucks community.

Howard Schultz and Brady Brewer, CEO and CMO of Starbucks

The company intends to build its NFT community on a web3 platform “environmentally sustainable”, a decision the company says would be more in line with its current sustainability commitments. However, the company did not indicate what kind of blockchain technology would be involved with its collections of NFTbut said it would probably be “multi-chain” or “chain-agnostic”.


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