The next series Star Warstitled Star Wars: The Acolyteis ideal for immersing yourself in the greatest tradition ofSith Order. After their destruction, the Sith Order survived in secret, thanks to Darth Bane and the famous Rule of Twowhich allowed the Sith to pursue their machinations without directly confronting their hereditary enemies, the Jedi. Although little is known about Star Wars: The Acolyteits basic principle and its place in the canonical chronology of Star Wars allow him to tell a dark story in the universe Star Wars from a new point of view, directly following the story on the side of the Sith, and in particular a plot more likely based on the legacy of Darth Bane: The Rule of Two.

In legends, Darth Bane created the Rule of Two to control unorthodox methods of betrayal behind the back and ensure that only the strongest dark side users become Sith Lords. In the barrel, the rule of two also served as an attempt to replicate a Dyad in the Force, this rule appears to have existed sometime before the supposed destruction of the Sith Order. Additionally, while Legends explored the lives of the Sith Lords who came after Bane but before Darth Plagueis, the canon timeline leaves much of that lineage unclear.

So little has been revealed about The Acolytethe descriptions imply that it will be about telling an adventure, partially or entirely, from a user’s point of view of the dark side, a century before Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. The director of Star Wars: The Acolyte, Leslye Headland, hopes to show how Palpatine, a Sith Lord, infiltrated the political system of the Galactic Republic without the Jedi noticing. The series is therefore perfect for further exploring the rule of Darth Bane, and why not show a new version of Dark Tenebrous, Darth Plagueis’ Sith Mentorthus setting the stage for Palpatine’s possible political plots.

Darth Bane © Disney © Lucasfilm

Darth Bane © Disney © Lucasfilm

Although Palpatine be the ultimate villain of the star wars saga, intelligent and manipulative, he did not overthrow the Republic single-handedly. While Palpatine controlled both sides of the clone wars from behind the scenes, his apprentice, Count Dookupublicly led the Separatists. Star Wars: The Acolyte can show Palpatine’s more distant predecessors, revealing the extent of the Sith conspiracy to destroy the Republic. That’s what the novel did. Dark Plagueis (Legends), we can assume that The Acolyte will draw ideas from the latter.

The title of the series further implies that the journey to the Sith Lordship will also be shown. In the Sith Order, an acolyte is both a Sith aspirant and an unofficial member of the order who is Sith in name only. The protagonist of The Acolyte, whether it is a new version of Dark Tenebrous or a new character, could be an apprentice Sith who rises to the rank of Lord, emphasizing the relative flexibility of the rule of two. Whatever, Star Wars: The Acolyte is one of the projects lucasfilm the most ambitious, by offering spectators an adventure to experience through the Sith order, and why not by fully exploring the heritage of Darth Bane.


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