Star Trek: the actress, Alice Eve, sweeps the controversy and defends herself from the critics

The actress we discover in Star Trek Into Darkness, Alice Eve, sticks to her controversial underwear scene in the movie JJ Abrams released in 2013. Following the reboot of Star Trek launched in 2009, Into Darkness follows the adventures of young people James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) while trying to pay homage to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan great classic of the franchise. The film was therefore very well received by fans but suffered a great controversy upon its release. To date, Into Darkness remains the film Highest-grossing Star Trek at the global box office.

Alice eve joined the franchise in Star Trek Into Darkness to bring to life the character of Dr Carol Marcus, the new scientific officer of theEnterprise the daughter of the admiral Starfleet, Alexander Marcus (Peter Weller). Carol’s knowledge of weaponry makes her a great addition to the crew, but her role in Into Darkness would have been completely wiped out “because” of one particular scene. As he changes into a jumpsuit before deactivating a torpedo, Kirk gives Carol a brief glance as she is also changing. This scene aroused the contempt of fans who deemed it gratuitous and misogynistic (long live the cancel culture).

Thinking back to that scene, Alice eve expresses its total disagreement with the criticisms it has received. Speaking to Reverse for the promotion of his new film: Warning, the actress admitted to being quite proud, in particular because of the work which she devoted to it.

“This is something for which I have voluntarily worked with a trainer to be in good shape, for which I have been very well prepared and which I really liked. [faire] – film, perform, promote. The feeling that I shouldn’t have done it, or that it was exploitation, confused me. There are a lot of things in the world that are confusing. I put it down to one of these anomalies. I’m proud of this scene, and all the work I’ve done. ”

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