Stanley Javier: “Linares was a passive manager”

Former Major League player Stanley Javier considered that the manager of the Dominican team in the 2023 World Baseball Classic, Rodney Linares, passively led the event, in which the national team was eliminated in the first round for the second time in history .

“Linares was very passive, he did not make the decisions, I give him a share of responsibility for that.”

Within his statements issued in the “La Hora del Deporte” program, which is broadcast on Sundays at noon by CDN Deportes, Javier cited the Dominican Republic’s first match against Venezuela and said that he did not like how far Sandy Alcántara went, who allowed the hit by David Peralta with the bases loaded after two outs, which gave the Venezuelans an advantage in the game who never lost.

“It’s a tough situation to get the Cy Young Award under those circumstances, but I would have brought a left-handed pitcher to face Peralta,” Javier said.

He also indicated that in the last game of the first round against Puerto Rico, after Johnny Cueto’s first two innings, he had to take advantage of the depth and quality of his bullpen.

“I would have lost with my best arms, in a crucial match when you have one of the best relays in the tournament it was to use it.”

He also said that Linares had to move the lineup to seek better offensive results, taking into account the bad offensive moment of Julio Rodríguez and Rafael Devers in the tournament, who remained as the team’s second and fourth hitters respectively in the last three games.

“In this tournament you have to make decisions. In today’s ball with so many numbers, they forget about perception. Your eyes are sometimes the best thing you have on the ball, seeing a player at home plate from the way he takes pitches, you can tell he’s right or wrong.”

Javier, who was the general manager of the Dominican teams that participated in the editions of the World Baseball Classic in 2006 and 2009, also said that he did not see enough weight in the coaching staff that accompanied Linares in leading the team.

“You could put people with more weight and tell Rodney things he didn’t want to hear. In this situation, a -Yes Man- does not work. In addition, the baseball player has changed a lot, they have other ways of conducting themselves and that is why for this type of tournaments coaches are needed that the players attend to”.

A Positive Balance?

This question was asked by Stanley Javier regarding the statements made by Juan Núñez, president of the Dominican Baseball Federation, who summarized the Dominican participation in this way.

“Juan cannot say that it is positive, because we lost in the first round, it would be positive to lose in the finals or in the current stage, where you lose and leave. I lost 2 times and I felt disappointed, I can’t say it was something positive”.

He said that in the first two editions the team’s roster was completed practically hours before the event and now it is easier to structure the teams because there is greater motivation and identification on the part of the players to represent the country.

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