Stage 4: Navigation takes over the Titan Desert

the marathon of the Titan Desert Morocco enter this Tuesday in the second, and last, phase. The cyclists, after spending the night in a group haima and not having external help, neither mechanical nor personal, will start at 8:00 a.m. to cover the 134 kilometers that separate Fezzou from Merzouga. The dunes are already taking center stage, but navigation will be more important. The Titan Desert reaches its decisive part and while In the female category Vera Looser, she is barely giving her rivals room for maneuver, in the male category everything is very tight. Konny Looser, leader, only has a second ahead of Fran Herrero and 39′’ with Roberto Bou.

This Wednesday the second sector of the marathon will be held, which corresponds to stage 4 of the competition. The day will begin with a fast track that will take the runners to a spectacular viewpoint in the middle of a large plain. From there, a section of navigation will begin, keeping the course fixed until reaching a passage of sand and stone. By the way there will be dunes and a great oued, which can be surrounded. The second half of the day will be on sandy tracks typical of the area, with large ruts and many parallel tracks. In the last kilometers of the stage you will cross a great river of sand for an unprecedented step in the testjust before crossing the finish line.

There is a desire to complete the marathon of this Titan Desert among the peloton and for this, navigation will be key. It is one of the points that will define the development of the participants in the test and it is that orientation is almost as important as physical conditions. This Wednesday, The cyclists will have to face a very long section of more than 40 kilometers in the Merzouga area without the organization having offered any track or additional signage. It will be the participant himself who, by his own means, will join the ‘waypoints’ and hydration stations, which will be compulsory.

eBike with the Torres brothers and Laia Sanz

This Wednesday, too, andThe Titan Ebike comes into play, which is a new way to enter the world of the Titan Desert Morocco. Is a competitionbut also a Cultural trip because they will be completed three stages to discover populations, cultures and gastronomy. It will be the first time that it is held in the Titan Desert Morocco and this eBike program will feature renowned participants such as the chefs Hermanos Torres or the rally driver Laia Sanz. All three will wear the colors of the KH-7 team.

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