Stadia: Google offers a Chromecast Ultra and the controller if you buy a game

Google is back with a very interesting new offer on Stadia, since it allows you to receive a Premiere Edition pack if you spend more than 59.99 euros on the service.

After offering the Premiere Edition Pack to YouTube Premium subscribers or for any pre-order of Cyberpunk 2077, Google’s cloud gaming service is now offering a new offer not to be missed. Indeed, if you buy any game or bundle of games for a minimum amount of 59.99 euros, you will be able to receive a Premiere Edition pack for free.

The Premiere Edition pack includes a Chromecast Ultra as well as a Stadia controller, which will allow you to play on any screen equipped with an HDMI port. So you can for example buy the new FIFA 22 (available from 69.99 euros) or a series of independent games to receive the pack in the coming days.

What are the conditions of the Stadia offer?

According to the conditions of the offer, the promotional code received with the purchase of a game must be applied in the Google Store France to obtain the Premiere Edition pack before October 21, 2021 and must be used by November 21, 2021 at the latest. You therefore have a little less than a month to take advantage of the offer if you want to try the cloud gaming experience. This will be especially interesting for those who still have not been able to get a next-gen PS5 or Xbox Series X console, or who want to enjoy the latest games without having to buy a console.

As a reminder, Stadia hasa “Pro” plan at 9.99 euros per month, which lets you play games in 4K as well as receive a few free games every month, just like Xbox and PlayStation already do. You can also find the list of free games for the month of October, which includes the famous Control Ultimate Edition, or early access to Hello Engineer.

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However, you can also play Stadia for free by subscribing to the platform, and you can then directly launch free-to-play titles like Destiny 2, Crayta or Super Bomberman R Online without paying a penny.

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