Stabbed with 59 stab wounds, she must pay the unpaid rents of her ex-companion

A 44-year-old woman from Toulouse miraculously survived 59 stab wounds from her ex-partner whom she had been fleeing for months. His former landlord claims 32,000 euros of unpaid bills from his attacker.

Aurélie left her violent partner in March 2018. He had given her “punches” and sent “objects across the room” or even “spat on”. For several months, the man harassed her before finding her after leaving school with one of their children in November 2018, where he stabbed her 59 times.

“There were stab wounds in my heart, in my lung, in my spleen, in my abdomen, all of my left arm, my neck and neck. He tried to cut my throat, ”Aurélie told CNEWS, miraculously.

“He tried to cut my throat”

Almost three years after the facts, the lessor of his old apartment, asks him today to pay 32,000 euros in unpaid rent by his ex-spouse and attacker. The young woman explains, however, that she sent a registered letter to the lessor to inform him of his departure and to dissociate himself from the lease.

The Var Assize Court sentenced, on September 17, Aurélie’s ex-spouse to twenty-five years of criminal imprisonment. The man appealed against this decision. Despite his pre-trial detention, he had not suspended his rental lease contract but had stopped paying his monthly payments. It is his insolvency which led the lessor to claim the sum from Aurélie.

The lawyer of the young woman, Maître Franchitto hopes “that it is an administrative dysfunction and that there was a defect in the follow-up of the care of the client (s) following his letter. recommended.” Aurélie is waiting for a response from the lessor in the days to come.

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