St. Vincent, Yard Act and Liam Gallagher in this week’s music releases

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New albums, songs and all the music you didn’t know you needed to hear. Here are the best music releases of the week.

Lots of music, records and new songs to refresh your playlists. Here we present you the music releases of the week, with St. Vincent, Yard Act, Liam Gallagher, Petite Amie and other artists.

And while you browse the list, we’ll leave you with the playlist so you can listen to the songs if they’re not on your radar yet. What was your favorite release?

Here are the music releases of the week

St. Vincent returns with the powerful “Broken Man” and prepares a new album

Dad is home It was a great album that showed us perhaps the most retro side of it Saint Vincent Until now. Now the beloved Annie Clark seems ready for a new conceptual leap into the future his new album, Everything was born screaming which will be released on April 26th.

And well, we already have a taste of it this new song called “Broken Man”. Stuck, distorted, frenetic and wonderful… and we’re running out of adjectives to describe this great song.

The album will have several guests such as: Dave Grohl, Cate Le Bon, Josh Freese, Rachel Eckroth, Mark Guiliana. All details about the upcoming album can be found here.

Liam Gallagher & John Squire, an album with two Manchester idols

The Gallagher brothers have been featured in the last two editions of Corona Capital, obviously with their own projects. And while there remains hope of seeing them together again, we have to say that it’s worth hearing them separately too.

In this sense, Liam Gallagher has managed to secure an ambitious production with John Squire from The Stone Roses who has just given us a very good album with motivational lyrics, songs with a modern anthem quality, essence of Madchester and more.

Check out our 5 star review of this album here.

Petite Amie and her psychedelic pop captivate us again with “La Lave”

We had to hear about Petite Amie, which we think is one of the Mexican projects you should definitely listen to. Will there be a new album for 2024? The answer is yes, and that’s what they told us at the Sopitas FM stand.

The band’s visit was also the ideal time to listen to “La Lave”, a new song in French with a very relaxed instrumental that perfectly combines acoustic guitars with the most vibrant psychedelic synthesizers imaginable. An essential piece that we are already enjoying on Petite Amie’s second album…

With their second album, Yard Act confirms themselves as one of the coolest British bands of the moment

Yard Act surprised with their debut album in 2022 and we have to say it: this one is striking Formula of humor, irony, criticism of decadence and global tragedy There’s something really – and ironically – hopeful about the music industry.

The band was considered post-punk on their first album, but this time they have shown us a development that even leads them to experiment with Afrobeat. Where is my utopia? came with songs like “We Make Hits” and “Blackpool Illuminations”, among other things, so you can enjoy the entire album. Check out the material’s 5-star rating here.

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Hinds bring us “coffee” for the week’s music releases

The Hinds reformed as a duo, now with Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote They are leading the project and it seems that they are ready to open a new stage four years after their last album.

With a touch of the nineties, “Coffee” looks like a manifesto of sincerity and honesty; Talk about what we like and what we don’t like. Lots of style in the song and the official video that really gets us excited for a new upcoming album.

Cloud Nothings will also bring us a new album in 2024 and here is the first single

Write the date on the calendar: the new Cloud Nothings album, Last summerwill arrive next April 19th breaking three years since their last release.

With this in mind, their new song “Running Through The Campus” joins the musical releases of the week and has a certain shoegaze vibe. “The song is about an intrusive thought that comes to mind when you think Yes, it’s a little depressing to walk alone when everyone has left to do things with others.the band told us about the creation of the song.

It has that nostalgic touch that can hug you in a way when you feel like things aren’t going quite well. So we’re hoping for an album that follows that line, but we’ll listen…

Chetes touches us with “Dust of Stars”

It will be a year full of presentations for Chetes, starting with Vive Latino and Tecate Pa’l Norte. And not only that, there is also a new album coming out called “ Stardustwhich he puts together in collaboration with the American band Calexico.

It seems that the album will have a very folk-rock vibe with country influences. The proof can be found in the album’s single of the same name: with lyrics that invite us to reflect on how fleeting life is… Nice topic to pass the time.

Elbow approaches the release of a new album with the hypnotic “Balu”

In a few days Elbow will release their album Audio vertigo. The expectation is full of the material, and more when the band performs high quality songs like “Balu”..

This is one of those songs that captivates you from the first moment because it exudes so much power. Synthesizer and bass combine to create a powerful arrangement, followed by a very heavy post-punk instrumental with Guy Garvey’s voice captures this dark atmosphere.

The honorable mentions of the week’s music releases

– “Stayinit” by Fred Again. with Overmono and Lil Yatchy

– “Von Dutch” by Charli XCX

– “Out Loud” by Cage the Elephant

– “Doctor (Work It Out)” by Miley Cyrus and Pharrell Williams

– “Dizzy” by Olly Alexander

– “Enter The Mirror” by Everything Everything

– “Off The Wall” by Salt Cathedral

– “Funeral For Justice” by Mdou Moctar

Best releases of the week January
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