Losa azulones rub their hands by one of their players appointed to nurture the portfolio of the azulón team before the winter close

Some indications from Italy continue to appear in which the signing of Mathias oliverfor Naples is gaining strength. The truth is that those chaired by Aurelio de Laurentiis have made a formal offer for the Uruguayan who has been chosen by Spaletti to compose that area of ​​the field.

Getafe has thus uncovered one of the weapons it has in its hands to complete the poster and fully pay attention to its future actions. The Uruguayan was always in the outgoing folder not because of poor performance, but because of its market value. What gives it a plus when executing it as a limit from here to the summer market.

Mathías Olivera
Mathías Olivera, Getafe winger with two options at Napoli

Getafe has entered into controversy with Naples at a crucial point for Mathias Olivera’s pass

Those who believe that this type of operation is simple, taking into account that one of the two is a large team, with high figures in its favor and the other not so much, are quite wrong. In the first place because the economic condition of Naples is precarious, and secondly because Getafe is not for the idea of ​​making things easier.

They do not intend to accept in any way an offer for cession as they propose at the moment, as long as a purchase option is not inserted in the document. It is the minimum, since Olivera has been standing out for a long time and is one of the Uruguayan players in the best shape in all of Europe.

Until summer you have to put up with this event

The next situation raised had been the waiting time for the event. And this has marked that the indicated thing had been to execute the procedure this same winter market. However, with these complications the issue has spread, and it is believed that the mid-year market may be the decisive one.

There are very good feelings and the illusion is high in both parts. On the one hand the Italian team that urgently needs an expert in the area, and on the other the Spanish team that has needs in other environments and that capital would come in luxury, as well as the potential scenario given by its compatriot Mauro Arambarri.


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