Sravanti’s romance with Jeetu Kamal on the streets of London

Jeetu Kamal and Srabanti Chatterjee are now staying in London. They are there to act in Anshuman Pratyush’s movie ‘Babusona’. Their romance was seen on the streets of London.

Actor Jeetu Kamal made a false promise to Srabanti. Although everything is caught by Sravanti. That too in a video. And as soon as that video came out, the whole matter became clear.

Jeetu is becoming proficient in reel videos. And in such a reel Jeetu started singing towards Srabanti in a romantic mood Sunil Shetty and Shilpa Shetty’s iconic song – ‘Tum Yo Kehdo To Chand Taro Ko…’.

Sravanti will melt after listening to this song – this is absolutely wrong. Instead, he threw a question at Jeetu – Yes, go, bring it. Bring the moon and stars. What else does Jitu do? Realizing that it is impossible to bring the moon and stars, the hero retreated.

Jitu posted this entire video on Instagram. Tagging Srabanti in the caption, he writes — Why are you doing this to me? Why? The heroine also answered. He wrote back to Jitu – because I feel good.

Jeetu’s wife Navnita is also shooting for the movie in London. Apart from this, foreign actress Alexandria Taylor will also be seen acting in that movie. What is this movie about? It is a comedy movie. The heroine is the thief and the hero is the kidnapper. How the thief-kidnapper develops chemistry, now to see.

Controversy is constant in Sravanti’s life. His personal life has always been in the spotlight. Her name has been linked with a Tollywood director for months.

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