Netflix had promised to find a solution to the problem plaguing the life of a Korean woman. The latter has the same phone number as the one that appears in the hit series “Squid Game”. It is now done.

The victim, who could not change his number because it had served him for more than ten years as part of his professional activity, explained that he had lived a real ordeal since the launch of the series. She was getting as many as 4,000 phone calls and texts every day from fans clamoring to play the macabre game.

In the Dong-hyuk-Hwang series, this famous number is given to the participants of the competition around which the program is centered. After six events, in which the losers are killed, the final winner takes home 45.6 billion won, or about 33 million euros.

Modify the scenes to stop the ordeal

Faced with the desperation of the Korean who has the same number as the one appearing in the series, Netflix had asked fans to stop dialing her number. In vain, of course.

As a result, only one solution seemed possible … “In collaboration with the production company, we are working to resolve this problem, in particular by modifying the scenes with phone numbers if necessary,” Netflix promised in a statement.

Squid Game has been one of the unexpected back-to-school success stories on Netflix since it aired on September 17th.


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