Squid Game season 2: The only way for the series to avoid the fiasco

Squid Game of Hwang Dong Hyuk was the series Korean event of the year 2021. After having wandered for a long time in the slums of Hollywood, Squid Game knew how to make his hole on the platform netflix. While the starting postulate has absolutely nothing exceptional (the theme of the class struggle envelops the whole series)it is the fact of converting children’s games into scenes of mass killings that has aroused the curiosity of millions of subscribers on netflix. If the reviews were correct, nothing more with the show (unlike us who think that in addition to not being exceptional, the series is dangerous)the unanimous popular success directly called netflix to renew a second season.

Squid Game has become a true cultural phenomenon making it far too overrated. To the point where there have even been ephemeral pop-up stores that have opened in France, where some people have gone so far as to hit each other to get in there faster. There will then be an adaptation of the series in a television show, and this has already experienced several big controversies.

Remember that the first part ended with a major climax: Gi Hunthe winner of Squid Game Korean, was about to leave for the United States but turned back after a mystery call with one of the organizers of the games. Since then, there have been few teasers for this second season, but it will indeed happen.

Near Deadline, Hwang Dong Hyuk stated that the social dynamic present in South Korea (a superior elite in every way financially speaking who looks down on the majority of the population who are struggling to get by) was similar to many other countries around the globe, de facto exporting the concept Squid Game internationally.

Squid Game - Netflix
Squid Game – Netflix

The creator of the series has also confirmed that in season 1, the VIP mentioned that the “Korean game this year is spectacular”, which implies that the masked elite made up of privileged people enjoy a similar game in different countries. If the parent series worked, then the concept can expand globally with other cultures. Given the great narrative weakness of the first season, exporting the games while keeping the quest for Gi Hun to dismantle the network is, without a doubt, the only way for the series to get out of this and come up with something that makes sense.

The problem ” Money Heist with its exhausting concept comes naturally. The risk for Squid Game is the same: to exhaust the vein of the concept to its root. By transforming the cynicism of the series into a real thriller, viewers could therefore enjoy a sacred breath of fresh air. But this revival also carries a risk. The South Korean decorations contributed to the small cachet of the series. Accustomed to a cast of characters they’ve grown accustomed to (before their progressive deaths)the challenge also lies in the capacity of the second season to Gi Hun a stronger anchor for the viewer.

Squid Game - Netflix
Squid Game – Netflix

Anyway, the risk of making many changes can be beneficial so that the series can gain interest on an ongoing basis. However, it remains to be seen how all this will be brought about.

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