Squid Game: Netflix is ​​preparing a video game adapted from its successful series

Netflix does not intend to release its new goose that lays the golden eggs: Squid Game. The South Korean series is a hit, and the streaming platform wants to ride on its popularity. According to renowned leaker Tom Henderson, a studio is already working on a video game adaptation. Yet another Battle Royale on the horizon?

Credit: Netflix

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you couldn’t miss the Squid Game tidal wave. The South Korean series has become a real phenomenon, to such an extent that children are starting to reproduce the unhealthy and morbid games of the show in the playground. Better yet, the series caused a shortage of shoes. Indeed, the fans threw themselves on the white canvas Vans sneakers worn by the protagonists.

As the Halloween season approaches, more and more spectators are trying to get hold of the iconic clothes of the series, like the famous green and white tracksuit of the participants, or the red jumpsuit of the Guardians. And according to Tom Henderson, a leaker renowned for his revelations on the Battlefield and Call of Duty sagas, Squid Game could well be adapted soon in video game.

Apparently a Squid Game type game is already in development. I am not sure of the developer yet. The future of BR Battle Royale) come !”, says the insider on Twitter. As you know, Netflix recently announced its intention to get into video games, and especially mobile games.

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Towards a Squid Game mobile game by Netflix?

The company has also specified that these games will be included in the subscription. And since August 2021, some Polish users have been able to get their hands on two mobile games adapted from Stranger Things on the Netflix app. In fact, it is quite possible that Netflix is ​​in control of this video game adaptation of Squid Game, which could also be offered in turn on the Android and iOS application.

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In view of the concept of the series, we can legitimately expect a Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Battle Royale for example. This of course remains a guess and perhaps Netflix could eye more the side of a certain Among Us, already shamefully copied by Fortnite with its Impostor mode. For now, we will have to take this information with a grain of salt, lack of official confirmation from Netflix or the studio in charge of developing the title.

Source: Tom Henderson

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