Squid Game maddens counters and becomes the best launch in Netflix history

Squid Game is a resounding success worldwide, so much so that the series has just exploded the viewing record in just one month. According to Netflix, 111 million households have already viewed the South Korean series.

Credit: Netflix

On Twitter, Netflix officially announced that the South Korean survival series has officially reached 111 million viewers on its platform, and thus becomes the best launch ever made by the streaming service.

To put that staggering figure into context, Netflix announced earlier this year that 82 million households watched “Bridgerton” in the 28 days after its Christmas launch. “Squid Game” therefore easily exceeded this record, in a few days less. It must be said that the bloody series is No. 1 on Netflix’s Top 10 lists in 94 countries around the world.

Squid Game is not yet popular with everyone

“Squid Game” quickly became a hit in many countries, notably in his home country, where a South Korean internet service provider sued Netflix after the show caused a spike in traffic. However, the series is not suitable for all age groups, since fictitious candidates compete in deadly children’s games to win cash.

It has become so popular that schools now find themselves facing the most dangerous abuses. Indeed, some schools have already reported that children imitated the unhealthy games of the series, and losers would even get hit or whipped. All this violence did not fail to worry the parents. Many schools in the UK have already reportedly asked parents to ban their children from watching the series, which they qualify as “dangerous”.

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Nevertheless, the success of the series makes the business of some companies, since the spectators are already flocking to the props of the candidates. The white canvas Vans worn by all the protagonists, for example, saw their sales increase by 7800%. For now, we do not know if the series will be entitled to a season 2. If you are a fan of Korean series, you probably know that these rarely have the right to a sequel, regardless of their popularity.

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