Spotify launched its ‘Spotify Island’ on Roblox earlier this month, bringing them into the NFT world. Now the company wants to continue this step by offering NFTs on its platform.

NFT purchases via external marketplace

Initially, they will have a pilot group of some artists, including Steve Aoki and The Wombats. However, the NFTs will not be offered directly through Spotify, as the NFTs will be purchased through an external marketplace. As part of the test, Spotify will not receive anything for the NFT items sold.

In addition, the company is currently even sending out surveys offering compensation for chats with team members about users’ attitudes towards NFTs and Web3. Questions shared on Twitter include sentiment, crypto-related purchases, and the rationale behind NFT purchases.

Around March, the music streaming company posted 2 vacancies for Web3 projects. Since then, there have been rumors of a possible Web3 first. The latest inquiries from the company confirm that there is still interest in this. However, no official concrete plans for this have been announced yet.

Although the NFT functions will now be tested, it is still unknown when the function will roll out to everyone. This could potentially take a long time.


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