Spotify HiFi may be delayed until 2022

Earlier this year, Spotify announced plans to launch Spotify HiFi, a new level of streaming that would allow you to listen to high-quality broadcasts.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a chance that it won’t be released this year, as the company has promised.

The company suggested that it would launch by the end of the yearBut as we are a week away from entering 2022, chances are that this will not happen again.

It’s not clear why the company is taking so long to launch the service. However, this could be due to competition, specifically from Apple, which earlier this year added lossless audio to its own Apple Music service at no additional cost to subscribers.

This gives Apple Music an edge over Spotify and, in turn, could have forced Spotify to rethink its strategy.

After all, Why should users pay more for audio if they lose out when competitors like Apple Music distribute it? In any case, if you are a Spotify subscriber and were expecting this new service, you may have to wait until 2022 to be able to subscribe to it.

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