Spotify Fusion: How to Create a Joint Playlist on Android and iOS

Music has the power to bring us together and with that in mind, Spotify’s streaming platform announced on August 31 the availability of a new feature for its app and service is named Spotify Fusion and allows you to create a playlist with someone else.

Choose who this featured person will be and take our advice. Then we show you how you can take advantage of this new Fusion, now available in the Spotify application for Android and iOS. Finally, you can share the link to that newly created list.

Spotify Fusion is now available for Android and iOS

Ready to mix? Get shared custom playlists with% match scores 🤝

– Spotify (@Spotify) August 31, 2021

Presented August 31 from Spotify and known internationally as Blend, the function arrives in Portugal with the latest update of applications for Android and iOS. What makes this feature unique is the automatic creation of a new playlist.

In addition, this list will select the most listened to and / or most popular tracks for each user, creating a “Best” for both of you to enjoy. However, there is a little extra that can divide opinions, especially between couples or even friends.

That is, in Spotify Fusion there is a compatibility index. The metric is generated based on the correspondence between the genres and types of music most appreciated by each user. It is displayed when creating the new playlist.

Try the new Spotify Fusion playlist

Spotify Fusion
Introducing the Spotify Fusion feature in the Android and iOS app.
  1. opened the Spotify app on your Android or iOS device
  2. Access the option “Search“from the bottom bar
  3. Choose the option “made for youI “
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There you will find, under the heading “Made for Duet”, the option to “Create a merge” or, if you have already created a production list, the existing merges.

Create a Spotify Merge in 3 Steps:

Spotify Fusion

In case this is your first time using this option, choose “Create a merge” and follow the on-screen instructions on your Android and / or iOS smartphone or tablet.

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