Spotify discontinues plans to add AirPlay 2 support


In 2018, Apple announced the new AirPlay standard, which was named AirPlay 2.

Some of AirPlay 2’s features include audio support for multiple rooms, Siri voice control and better buffering.

If you’re an AirPlay user and were expecting Spotify support, we’ve got some bad news.

In publication made on the page of Spotify Community, the company announced that support for AirPlay 2 has been suspended. It is not known when it will be resumed, but in the words of a Spotify Community moderator, seems to have been suspended indefinitely.

Developer Notes Nathan Lawrence On twitter which is a technical issue. According to Lawrence, adding support for AirPlay 2 would mean overhauling the way the app processes audio, especially if there’s DRM involved, so it’s not as easy as pushing a button.


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