Spotify debuts its redesign with an aesthetic inspired by TikTok

Spotifythe Swedish streaming platform, is rebuilding its mobile app. Now it seeks to make it easier to discover new content to listen to or watch. The new interface was presented at the Stream One event. With a completely new design that focuses more on visual content, Offering an interactive experience, this feed closely resembles the style of TikTok. Thus, it will show specific content related to musical tastes thanks to the algorithm of the social network. Users will be able to scroll through the section through song suggestions from their favorite artists, new music, as well as podcasts and audiobooks.

It’s built for deeper discovery and more meaningful connections between artists and fans. It aims to give listeners a more active role in the audio discovery process and gives creators more space to share their work.

dynamic experience

With this change, they are looking for a more dynamic experience that go beyond the music such as audiobooks or podcasts. On the one hand, you will be able to access the music, podcasts and shows or audiobooks feed to explore the visual and audio previews of personalized playlists, albums, podcast episodes and audiobooks. Once we click on it, we will have the option to save or share, go deeper into the artist or podcast pages, play from the beginning or continue listening from where the preview ended.

Also, Spotify introduces a new feature called Smart Shuffle, which will recommend new songs to us when we are listening to a playlist. In this way, these personalized and adapted recommendations will be added automatically.

To these novelties is added its recent addition: DJ. This is a personalized radio station that recommends music based on previously heard songs. An AI that is accompanied by a computer generated announcer. This feature will be for Premium users in the US and Canada for now.

For now there is no date for the launch, but it is expected to take place In the next weeks.

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