The success and concept of TikTok have inspired some of its direct competitors, such as Instagram, to copy some of its most popular features. But it seems that even Spotify won’t be able to resist doing it.

The world’s most popular music streaming platform is testing a feature called “Discover” in its mobile app. And in practice, it will allow artists to post vertical videos of their music there.

This new feature was first discovered by Chris Messina on the Spotify iOS app. And as you can see in the image shared by him, he adds a fourth icon to the Spotify toolbar.

In another tweet, the source explains that “Discover is basically a scaled-down version of a TikTok-style vertical video stream (using the smartphone format) that you can like or swipe.

Not only that, @Spotify Discover is basically a stripped down version of a TikTok-style vertical music video feed (probably using its canvas format) that you can like or skip.#NewSpotify

– Messina.eth (@chrismessina) November 24, 2021

You should be aware that Chris Messina had prior access to this new feature because he was using the Beta version of the Spotify app. It is not yet available to most users.

As you can see above, the novelty is between the “Start” and “Search” buttons. And once you’ve entered this TikTok-style feed, you can like the songs by clicking on the heart icon. By clicking on the three dots on the side, you will have access to more information.

For TechCrunch, the official spokesperson for Spotify said that this feature, like many others, is being tested. It doesn’t say if it will ever make it to the official version of the app or if it will be retired over time.


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