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Sports Ministry provided great support to Dominican athletes in Tokyo

The historic performance of the Dominican delegation at the Tokyo Olympics, as a result of the timely delivery of resources for their preparation; the start of the “Indómita RD” program that will bring sports to schools and neighborhoods; The renovation and construction of sports centers, complexes and hundreds of fields are among the main achievements of the management of the engineer Francisco Camacho at the head of the Ministry of Sports during the year 2021.

The support of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, who has proven to be a full-fledged athlete, has been vital in the actions undertaken by Camacho and which are part of the Government of Change’s sports program.

In Tokyo 2020, the Dominican Republic registered a historic participation by obtaining 5 medals thanks to the fact that its athletes were able to train and train adequately with the financial support of MIDEREC, resources available many months in advance, setting a precedent in national sport.

The Olympic medalists received historic millionaire incentives, as well as housing and other prizes from the Government, following the new official sports policy with a human face.

The signing of the historic agreement with the Ministry of Education, launching the project “Indómita RD”, to promote school sports, neighborhood sports initiation and community sports,It is a preponderant element among the main executives of the Ministry of Sports (MIDEREC) in the next year to end.

The initiative, which will revolutionize the national sports movement, has among its objectives to generate thousands of new prospects, future athletes, and promote their access to life opportunities in sports and beyond, while contributing to the improvement of education rates, health, social insertion and cohesion, healthy life and reduction of vices and crime.

An important achievement of MIDEREC in 2021 was, likewise, the start of the renovation works of the La Barranquita complex, in Santiago, with the purpose of turning it into the main training and training center in the northern region, and motoring the development of the sport. in the Cibao and the country.

In addition, it is necessary to highlight the celebration between November and December of the first Christmas Sports Festival, staged in the 158 municipalities of the country, which had the participation of more than 71,000 athletes and around 5,000 technicians and officials.

This event, which brought sports and recreation to the entire national territory, distributed 52 million pesos,helping to boost the economy of the different communities.

Also important was the rescue of hundreds of sports facilities throughout the country, including the total reconstruction of the Fabio Rafael González sports center, in Puerto Plata, and the San Lázaro Club, in Santo Domingo; the beginning of the works to rescue the works of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center and the Parque del Este, as well as the renovation of the Olympic Village, built in 1974.

Likewise, the construction and remodeling of Community Sports Centers in the capital and the country and the complete lighting of the Olympic Center, one of the main green areas of the capital and a recreation and leisure site for its municipalities.

The financial recovery of the national sports federations was also significant, through the complete delivery of their monthly allowances and the conclusion of inter-institutional agreements to guarantee health, education and transportation services to athletes, their families and sports leaders.

MIDEREC’s support for the celebration of the main national sporting events such as the professional baseball championship, the country’s top basketball tournaments and boxing boards, must be counted among the bright spots of Camacho’s mandate at the head of the sports portfolio. .

The support for boxing has brought as a happy result that the Dominican Republic now has a new world champion in Erick “Minipacman” Rosa, a product of the evenings set up during the current MIDEREC administration.



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