Sports benches would be part of the new direction

The General Directorate of Games of Chance will be one of the central points to be analyzed and discussed by the business community of casinos, sports banks and lotteries within the framework of the celebration, on June 9 and 10, of Expo Gat 2022, an event which will take place in a hotel in Punta Cana.

The information was given by Ricky Nadal, president of the National Association of Sports Banks, who expressed that the activity is expected to establish a work table in which the government, congress and business sectors participate, who hope to discuss in all its extension the draft law that creates the aforementioned General Directorate.

The same, for about eight years rests in the National Congress, but recently it was taken up by the deputy Luis Henríquez, of the Santo Domingo Province, who hopes to put it back in the arena and discuss it in one of the working sections of the lower house. .

And businessmen understand that more must now be approved, because recently the President of the Republic, Mr. Luis Abinader, issued decree 63-22, which declares the regulation of the lottery banking sector to be of national interest, which according to the most recent statistics They provide more than 400 thousand jobs to the country.

This General Directorate of Games of Chance would be an independent body designed to supervise, order and regulate all the problems of the gaming sector, it would be made up of a public-private council that transforms and issues measures that respond to technological changes and challenges. that are perceived today.

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“Our intentions are that this bill be analyzed and discussed in all its aspects by the different sectors that coexist in everything that is called games of chance, so that it is corrected and can be presented before the National Congress”, Nadal told Listin Diario.

He adds that it is time to update the legislation and processes corresponding to games of chance in its various forms, casinos, sports, lotto, lotteries, bingo, among others.

Remember that Law 139-11, the current one that governs these games is already obsolete, it dates from 10 years ago and with this new project the multiple distortions that the current one suffers would be corrected and it would change to a more fair and practical one.

“What we hope is that whoever earns more pays a greater amount of tax and whoever earns less then pays less taxation, currently flat taxes (R20) represent a model that is as unfair as it is impractical,” says Nadal.

Foreign invasion grows

Another aspect that he highlighted is that the online issue and all its aspects must receive special attention in this forum and in any bill. “It is not possible for national face-to-face companies to be sanctioned with high tax amounts, while every day the foreign invasion of WEB pages, mobile devices, which do not contribute anything to the treasury, grows disproportionately,” he pointed out.

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