From the rojiblanco team they are still attentive to the news of the striker

The Sporting Gijon continues to wait for what may happen with Fernando llorente. The 37-year-old forward from Navarra played his last season in the SD Eibar, where he did not have many opportunities, so he chose to take a new course. One of the teams that he has also insisted on is the Royal Saragossa.

Let us remember that the veteran battering ram His goalscoring production has dropped a lot, but for all his experience he is important for any team. In Second It has a great poster, since with continuity it can ensure several goals per course. Although the hands had made an interesting proposal, it has received a total refusal.

The Navarrese would be ready to play for Sporting

Fernando Llorente would be very close to signing for Sporting

In this way, Sporting de Gijón would now have everything ready to add Fernando Llorente to their ranks. In fact, it has been established that there are already some quite advanced conversations and, barring any surprises, his arrival at El Molinón will take place. It would only be necessary to resolve some details, which would not be blocking.

And it is that the Pamplona striker who barely played a few minutes last year meets the profile required by Abelardo Fernández. The coach does not want to leave anything to chance and on the contrary, he seeks to add top level and trustworthy players to achieve the dream of promotion.

The Navarrese striker is the right profile for his height and scoring instinct

One of the characteristics that Fernando Llorente provides and that could be useful in Sporting de Gijón is the issue of direct play. He is a striker who can be an important center, in addition, he can receive long balls and plays well with his back to the goal. Also, in the aerial game he is a key element because of his height.


This area player would be the new element that the sportinguistas would have for the following season. The idea of ​​​​the sports management is not to suffer as in the past year, since they were very close to falling to Third. We will have to wait then for the official announcement of this movement.